This project is the result of collaboration between two people, The Engineer and The Musician. The Engineer had some kind of formal music education in his early years but had always wanted to learn how to play piano. The Musician had always had passion for computer stuff and web programming in particular. They've spent countless sleepless nights talking to each other trying to find an interactive and fun way to learn how to play piano.

There are many video piano tutorials on YouTube but The Engineer was struggling to follow the instructions and was confused about which key to press and when. The Engineer tried then to use Synthesia but couldn't find midi files he liked and quickly got tired of looking for good arrangements on some phishy web sites.

And one night, on April 17th 2012, they came up with the idea of creating this web site where everyone can learn how to play piano by playing their favorite songs.

The project is still in beta and we are constantly working on improvements.
Please forward your feedback and suggestions to:

Webdesigner Depot / Komodo Media, Rogie King