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MultiPlayer Piano
Online MultiPlayer Piano on PianoCrumbs

Our latest addition to Piano Labs. Play piano together, simultaneously, online.

Play with your mouse, your computer keyboard or your connected piano keyboard.

Each player is assigned a separate channel of different color.

Change sound of your channel in the Settings dialog.

Virtual Piano
Online Virtual Piano on PianoCrumbs

Don't know how to play piano?

Play your favorite songs on your computer keyboard.

Add new songs by copy/paste it from anywhere on Internet.

Get the feeling of a real piano,- the longer you press a key the longer it sounds.

Interactive Piano Widget

Enhance your web site with an Interactive Piano Widget.

Let your visitors play piano using a mouse, a computer keyboard or a piano keyboard right on your web site!

Use advanced configuration options and specify the size of Virtual Piano and keyboard layout.


Record your piano peformance and share it with your friends.

Turn on metronome to keep a steady pace and get going.

User Channels

Browse recordings by others. You're always in for a suprise.


Have a free minute?

Spend it playing piano games to have fun and to learn something new at the same time.

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