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"Shine bright like a diamond" - Rihanna is certainly making a point with the lyrics of "Diamonds" song. And as always, PianoCrumbs brings you a high quality piano tutorial for it! Learn "Diamonds" with our interactive piano player - make it slower, learn hands separately and much more. Connect your piano keyboard to have even more fun and play along with the song! Few tips - don't be shy with your sustain pedal, especially in chorus - hold a chord with pedal and play an ornament with the right hand. Be careful not to put too much, add pedal as a last step of your learning. Now hit the play button and enjoy our piano arrangement!

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Did you know? If you have piano keyboard or stage piano, you can connect it to your PC or Mac and make all of our tutorials interactive. You can practice left or right hand and our tutorial will wait for you to play the right notes. Give it a try - instructions are here.
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